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Natural Pasture Beef
Welcome to Natural Pasture Beef.....

Our cattle are raised under humane conditions, roaming  free in pasture at all times. We use scientific rotational grazing methods to maximize benefits to both cattle and environment, allowing the cattle to naturally fertilize their pasture. No additional fertilizers or pesticides  are used on the pasture, nor are growth hormones given to cattle. No prophylactic antibiotics are required to maintain healthy animals under these conditions, avoiding the crowded conditions of “industrial” feed lots.

By harvesting our cattle at an earlier age and at a lower body weight, we obtain tastier, more tender  meat, with less fat, more carotene (vitamin A precursor)  and a healthier  ratio of omega-3  to omega-6 fatty acids.

It has been shown in many medical research trials that a diet of hi protein/ low carbohydrate content improves diabetic control, lowers cholesterol levels and achieves weight loss goals better than  traditional low calorie or low fat diets. It has also been repeatedly confirmed that children are healthier and do better in school when given adequate protein diets.

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